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The Work•Play•Experience Blog: Playful design wins

Game-based approach to architectural design Here's a fascinating report on a new design methodology thesis by Christopher Totten. Totten used games as powerful tools in cooperative architechtural design projects. The games had two functions: A simple, self-designed board game guided the design process in a Cabal-type system, At turns, the actual building design took place in Google SketchUp or Valve's Hammer Level Editor

How Does Your Web Site Make Visitors Feel?

I’ve been exploring and researching the relationship between computers and people. More specifically, I’m fascinated by web sites and how, or if, they affect us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. As a web site designer, what special power do you hold in your artistic hands? As a blogger, what kind of reaction are you seeking from readers? As a well branded company, are there in-house human instabilities that can be sensed by your online consumers?
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