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Seamful and Seamless Design in Ubiquitous Computing

Abstract: In this paper, we question the assumption that seamless integration of computer system components is necessarily a design requirement for ubiquitous computing. We explore Mark Weiser’s notions of seamlessness and ‘seamfulness’, and apply them in discussing system design and use.

Social Navigation and Seamful Design (PDF)

Paper about seamfulness vs seamlessness in social ubicomp. 2004

Severity and Impact of Computer User Frustration: A Comparison of Student and Workplace Users

User frustration with information and computing technology is a pervasive and persistent problem. When computers crash, network congestion causes delays, and poor user interfaces trigger confusion there are dramatic consequences for individuals, organizations, and society. These frustrations not only cause personal dissatisfaction and loss of self-efficacy, but may disrupt workplaces, slow learning, and reduce participation in local and national communities.
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