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Does Online Browsing Bend the Laws of Scent and Relevance? | FutureNow's GrokDotCom / Marketing Optimization Blog

A neat little article on the 'Persuasive Moment', when it is most effective to cross-sell / up-sell to the user/consumer

Customer Innovations - Driving Profitable Growth

* OBSERVE changes in the environment in real time… while aggressively avoiding your own strong tendency to just see what you either expect or hope to see * ORIENT yourself quickly to what those changes mean… being careful to challenge and revise your outdated assumptions and beliefs about reality * DECIDE on a course of action… chosen from range of creative alternatives most relevant to the changing environment * ACT in a coordinated and committed manner… while being ready to OBSERVE, ORIENT, DECIDE and ACT in order to ensure progress and enable course corrections as necessary.
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