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Testing the User Experience: Consumer Emotions and Brand Success :: UXmatters

“The key to creating brand loyalty is developing a consistent and salient brand perception through the association of specific emotional experiences with a product or service.”

The Work•Play•Experience Blog: Playful design wins

Game-based approach to architectural design Here's a fascinating report on a new design methodology thesis by Christopher Totten. Totten used games as powerful tools in cooperative architechtural design projects. The games had two functions: A simple, self-designed board game guided the design process in a Cabal-type system, At turns, the actual building design took place in Google SketchUp or Valve's Hammer Level Editor

Storytelling and Interaction Design | Creativity Online

The urge to describe experiences by telling a story runs throughout human history. From pictograms to hieroglyphs to the songs of the wandering bard, we have developed many different ways of using storytelling devices such as allegory and the arc of a narrative to describe the world around us, and our place in it. By guest blogger Ben Fullerton.
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